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Engineering and ICT Research Center (EICT-RC)


EICT-RC provides engineering solutions by undertaking quality industrial research in, mechanical, electrical, electronics, mechatronics and ICT. Our goal is to carry out Engineering and ICT research and transfer innovative technologies for national industrialization and social economic development. The center offers engineering and consultancy services through engineering designs, production of machines, tools, industrial spare parts and transfer of research outputs/technologies.

Research and Development Activities

  • Equipment design and fabrication (e.g. arc welding machines, honey processors, ball mills, soap plodders, rice threshers, palm oil digester, mini-hydro electrical power generators among others) through; -
    • Reverse engineering  
    • Design for manufacture (CAD/CAM technology)
    • Subtractive manufacturing
  • Consultancy services – design, sourcing, installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Software development and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Engineering Development and Services Center (EDSC)

The center is a common production facility specializing in the production of machines, tools and industrial spare parts. We also undertake engineering designs, material selection, machining, fabrication and maintenance activities. 

The center also offers specialized engineering and technical support in the manufacture of metal products sector such as; designing and developing products such as gears, shafts, bushings, pins, dies, molds, wheels, selected non-metallic components as well as packaging products and reconditioning tools, dies, jigs and fixtures, developing industrial processing equipment and machine prototypes; installation, testing and commissioning of machines.

Recently acquired Computer-Aided-Design and Computer-Aided-Manufacture (CAD/CAM) - i.e. design for manufacturing (DfM)– for mass production and modern machinery i.e powder coating machine, bandsaw, spot welding machine, tuber cutter / pipe cutter, plasma (laser) cutting, sheet rolling, pipe bending, mig welding and press brake machines.