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Technology Transfer and Extension Services (TTES)

The directorate is established pursuant to the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute Act, 2022 section 6. The directorate is responsible for disseminating and facilitating the application and commercialization of research findings and technological developments.

Functions Of The Directorate Include: -

  • Undertake technology transfer activities 
  • Provide extension services through capacity building, training and consultancy 
  • Management of pilot processing plants/KIRDI centres/technology transfer centres
  • Provisions of business incubation and common manufacturing facilities

  • Implement the institute’s technology transfer and extension services policies, strategies, standards and guidelines in liaison with other directorates.
  • Identify commercialize research or innovation outputs for their development into finished products in collaboration with other relevant directorates. 
  • Support the manufacture of developed products to meet market demand.
  • Ensure that kirdi products, services, facilities, and processes are accredited by the relevant agencies. 
  • Identify partners whom kirdi can collaborate with to effectively commercialize its technologies. 
  • Establishment of the quality management system that ensures provision of quality products and services at the directorate. 

The Directorate Comprises of :-

 Two (2) Research Centers 

  1. Industrial Linkages, Policy and IP Research Centre (ILPIR-RC)
  2. Central Analytical Services (CAS)

Two (2) Regional Centers

  1. KIRDI Western Region Center (KWRC)
  2. KIRDI Eastern Region Center (KERC)