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Food Technology Research Center (FT-RC)


FT-RC is engaged in various disciplines in food science and technology making significant contributions towards a more sustainable and healthy food eco-system.

We provide innovative solutions to challenges that entrepreneurs face in the food value chain. Application of our research innovations take into consideration; move towards a circular food economy; valorization of by-products in the food chain; transition to a more plant-based diet; development of healthy food products with reduced sugar, salt and fats; clean label products; technological innovation in food production processes with optimized cost/benefit; reduction in food losses, reduced food packaging and food industry digitalization. We aim to deliver innovation in research and sustainable solutions across the agro-food supply chain.

Research and Development Activities

  • Valorisation of plant, animal, and blue economy resources to enhance food security, decrease postharvest losses, create employment and increase incomes e.g. cereals, pseudocereals (sorghum, millets, amaranth), root and tuber crops (cassava, sweet potatoes), nuts and oil crops (groundnuts, cashew nuts, coconuts, macadamia), fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and honey, seaweeds
  • Promoting Food Safety and Health by taking into account diverse aspects of food sciences and nutrition. The center addresses challenges in the food industry (and related sectors) through innovation, product development, product technology, packaging, shelf life, reducing food wastage, quality assurance, food safety policy and sustainable entrepreneurship


  • Honey pilot plant
  • Fruits and vegetables pilot plant
  • Nuts and oils pilot plant
  • Bakery pilot plant
  • Cereals, roots, and tuber and food laboratories
  • Product development and training facilities