Role of KIRDI in the Big Four Agenda

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The Big Four Agenda is the country’s major transformation blueprint being implemented within five years from 2017-2022. Government seeks to enhance manufacturing contribution to GDP from 9.2 % to 20 % by 2022 through investment in core areas such as; leather, agro-processing, textile and construction materials. Enablers for this sector include investment in Industrial Parks/Zones, SME’s Development interventions and improved market access and export standards.

Research, Technology and Innovation plays a central role in driving the manufacturing sector through technological developments and transfer. Innovations in manufacturing technology and product developments enhance the value chain thereby upgrading products and enhancing global competitiveness of the sector. In addition, technology transfer will make production faster, simpler and more efficient for our manufacturing industries thus raising the manufacturing sector share to GDP. As part of the support towards realization of “Big Four Agenda” (MTP III), KIRDI is identified as a key player in the establishment of state of the art industrial research laboratories. This is expected to develop value addition and manufacturing technologies that will be transferred to MSMEs in areas including: leather processing, agro-processing, energy and natural products.

Attainment of Food security and nutrition is dependent on increased agricultural productivity and post-harvest management which are largely technology driven. It is also expected that incentives will lower the cost of agricultural and post-harvest machinery. KIRDI will engage in research and prototype development, reverse engineering and commercialization of innovations that will lower the cost of agricultural and post-harvesting machinery. In addition completion of food processing laboratories at KIRDI Kisumu will support development of value addition technologies which will be transferred to MSMEs.

As part of contribution towards affordable universal health coverage and housing, completion of the ongoing research laboratories has an enabling role in the “Big Four Agenda”.  Local production of the diagnostic machinery and medicines will lower their cost, thus contributing to their availability and affordability under which KIRDI will play a supportive role. Commissioning of advanced materials Science laboratories will engage in research and development of ceramics and building materials and innovative technologies that can lower the cost of building materials.


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