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 IM-RC undertakes demand driven research, innovation and technology development and disseminates the outputs to the relevant industries and other stakeholders. To achieve this, the center has the following research units Leather, Textile, Ceramics, Minerals and Building.

Mission statement

To undertake research, development and transfer innovative technologies in industrial materials for industrial development and socio-economic growth. 

Area of focus

IMRC focuses on development of novel industrial materials while ensuring quality assurance and environmental compliance in each of the distinct sectors. The center offers services in the following industrial areas;

  1. Leather and Leather Products Research Unit

Services offered

  • Research on sustainable and green approaches in leather processing
  • Leather testing
  • Hides and skins processing
  • Tannery effluent analysis
  • Tanning technology development such as fabrication of tanning drum

Key equipment and facilities

  • Tanning and Pilot scale drums
  • Leather splitting and shaving machine
  • Embossing/Plating machine
  • Buffing machine
  • Leather spraying booth
  • Leather staking machine
  • Common leather processing facility for SMEs
  • Assorted leather testing equipment
  1. Textile Research Unit

Services offered

  • Incubation and common manufacturing services of enterprises in sanitary pad making, embroidery, natural fibers extraction and value addition, mat making among other technologies

Key equipment

  • Sanitary Pad making machine
  • Computerized embroidery machine
  • Banana fibre extractor
  • Mat making machines
  • Rotary Screen-Printing machine
  • Textile testing machines; wash fastness, infra-red dyeing, crock meter, wear fastness, water permeability
  1. Ceramics, Minerals and Building Materials Unit

Services offered

  • Incubation and common manufacturing services for enterprises dealing with ceramics, minerals and building materials technology including but not limited to walling blocks, panels, bricks, cabro, soil stabilization.
  • Concrete Technology – High flow /High strength concrete formulations and testing
  • Ceramics, minerals and building materials testing

Consultancies offered

  • Plant structural design and development
  • Kiln and incinerator design
  • Soil and minerals analysis
  • Structural and concrete technologies

Key equipment  

  • Compression testing machine
  • Ball mills
  • Tensile testing machine
  • High temperature oven
  • Low temperature oven
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