Mechanical Engineering

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The Division is actively involved in the areas of Chemical Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil, Engineering, Power Resources and other allied technology areas. The division's missionis to develop strong, competitive and self-sustaining engineering capacity for poverty alleviation, job creation and industrial growth.

The Division through its disciplinary areas undertakes the following activities to fulfill it mission or the industrial and allied sectors.

  • Product and Process Development: Carry out Research and Development (R & D) on products and processes for the industrial sector.
  • Technology Transfer: Identify, adopt and diffuse technologies to the engineering, chemical and allied industries both in terms of acquisition and technology management
  • Training: Training of the small and medium scale entrepreneurs in manufacturing processes.

Services and Consultancies

The Division carries out the following services and consultancies very competitively and to the customer’s satisfaction:

  • Equipment design and fabrication.
  • Plant management, appraisal and monitoring in terms of optimal utilization resource.
  • Advice on upgrading of both new and old chemical Indus trial plants.
  • Plant inception, design, fabrication, installations and commissioning.
  • Advice on rejuvenation and rationalization of processes already in use.
  • Quality control.
  • Energy audit
  • Process Safety
  • Energy monitoring software, Industrial Control Systems Renewable Energy Systems
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