KIRDI Clean Cooking Laboratory

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The Clean Cooking Laboratory is focused on the Laboratory Testing and Analysis of Samples provided by external clients, Research, Technology and Innovation and Technology Transfer and Enterprise Services departments.

a). It is a commitment to our Stakeholders that the Clean Cooking Laboratory provides:

  • A competent, impartial, cost effective and guaranteed laboratory testing and analysis service
  • Expertise to both internal and external market on cooking stove solutions.
  • Support for KIRDI’s institutional responsibilities.

b). The staffs of the Clean Cooking Laboratory coordinate the facilities available for producing the services and products, and the relevant   Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

c). The scope of the testing and analytical service includes:

  • Water boiling tests.
  • Determination of emissions and efficiencies.
  • Safety test.
  • Controlled cooking test.
  • Consultancy in design.
  • Pellets, briquettes and bioethanol tests.

The pricing of the tests shall be Kshs. 50,000.00 for each Clean Cookstove

The turnaround time will be fourteen (14) days and the customers will informed on the progress by posting on KIRDI Website.


  • Client reception: Entails client reception and registration of the samples and organization in the registration book and filling the incoming sample forms.
  • Preparation: This is scheduling of session of working on the samples by developing work plans that are used to guide the accomplishment of the work.
  • Stove operation and description: The stove manual prepared by the manufacturer will be used by testers and a test run will be performed to demonstrate how the stove is used.
  • Stove testing: Will be conducted using the WBT 4.2.3
  • Data entry and analysis: Using the analysis software
  • Data review and verification: The analyzers shall ensure the data is correct and well entered
  • Report writing and recommendation: The analyzers will make observations and deductions from the results and findings
  • Report submission: The client will be served with the report on the findings of the protocol.


Handling and preparation throughout the testing process is enforced by the procedures put in place through Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


Where sampling is performed by the Clean Cooking Laboratory, the sampling of substances, materials or products for subsequent testing, shall be performed according to the appropriate work instruction.


  • The personnel responsible will ensure that the environmental conditions are regulated according to the specifications of the particular equipment.
  • To prevent cross- contamination, effective separation exists between neighbouring areas in which incompatible activities are performed.
  • Access to the Clean Cooking Laboratory is restricted by the site security of KIRDI.
  • Access to Laboratory is limited to designated personnel, to other staff performing essential duties, and to visitors accompanied by personnel of the Laboratory (and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment as prescribed by the safety regulations).
  • Weekly inspections are done by Quality Assurance officer (or designated alternative), to ensure good housekeeping in the Laboratory.


The Clean Cooking Laboratory will undertake tests in accordance with the relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and ISO standards.

  • Methods are proposed based on protocol legislation and are selected according to the specific needs of the client or as prescribed by legislation.
  • Work instructions are generated, controlled and revised as prescribed from time to time. Only controlled copies of the current documents are in use in the lab, and no alterations to these are allowed.
  • A Method file is kept in the Laboratory where the work is performed or in the Supervisor’s office.


Personnel performing specific tasks are qualified on the basis of appropriate education, training, experience and/or demonstrated skills, as required.

The required level of competence of all who operate specific equipment and facilities, perform tests and calibrations, evaluate results, and sign test reports is ensured through qualification and auditing


All complaints, and other feedback, received from clients, as well as corrective action taken as a result of these, are recorded on the relevant form and are followed up as stipulated. The Website has a feedback form to save on client’s time.


Clients are not allowed in the Laboratories/Testing rooms unless specific arrangements have been made with the person Incharge. This is a requirement of the safety regulations

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