Food Technology

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The division's vision is to enhance national and house-hold food security by way of reducing post-harvest food losses through development, adoption, adaptation and transfer of appropriate food processing and storage technologies. Its mission is to reduce post-harvest food losses through process and product development.


  • Develop, adapt and/or adopt and disseminate appropriate food processing technologies.
  • Minimize post-harvest food losses through promotion of processing and utilization of locally available traditional and horticultural foods to reduce dependency on food importation.
  • Train micro and small-scale enterprises [MSEs] to enable them produce quality and value added food products able to meet local demands and to penetrate the internationally competitive markets.
  • Create adequate human resources and technological capacity to cope with the demands of a rapidly growing food industry as Kenya moves towards NIC status.
  • Collaborate with local and international institutions, government ministries, donor community, non-governmental organizations [NGOs] Community based organizations [CBOs] etc in the commercialization of appropriate food processing technologies.
  • Providing other tailor-made technical services as per customers’ requirements.

Service Offered

  • Promotion of processing and utilization of traditional and horticultural food crops.
  • Providing consultancy and training services including HACCP training to the food industry [with particular emphasis on micro and small-scale enterprises MSMs.]
  • Development, adaptation and/or adoption and dissemination of appropriate food processing technologies.
  • Product and process development on pilot scale [at KIRDI] including limited production runs for market research and development of innovative products and processes.
  • Commercialization of technologies for processing traditional and horticultural food crops through setting up of pilot plants
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