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The Environment Management Division is one of the research, technology and innovation (RTI) departments in KIRDI. The division undertakes environmental research and development and consultancy work for industry, community organizations, research institutions, and government agencies, among others in line with country’s Vision 2030. Technologies and innovations developed by the division are transferred through business incubation, development of pilot plants, and provision of common manufacturing facilities.

The vision of the division is to be a leading knowledge centre for environmental research, providing research and transfer of environmentally sustainable technologies that contributes to industrial and economic growth.

Mission: To collaborate with industry, community organizations, research institutions, government agencies and other development partners to undertake R&D programs and projects, and transfer knowledge and technologies for environmental management and sustainable development.

Core Functions:

The division undertakes research and development and technology transfer and training in the following areas:

  • Sustainable industrial processes, including biotechnology, construction materials, leather and textiles
  • Industrial ecology
  • Efficient use of natural resources including renewable energy sources, biodiversity, minerals and water
  • Waste management and pollution control in industry
  • Development of Environmental management policies that integrate biophysical, social and economic systems, with industrial processes.  The aim is to balance environmental conservation and economic development to provide for human well-being
  • Environmental impact assessments and audits for industrial and other projects
  • Monitoring and evaluation, including environmental audits

Recent and Past Research Work in Environment Division

  • Spatial and temporal bioavailability assessment of Phosphorus (P) in Sondu Miriu River basin.
  • Development of a post consumer plastic waste washing machine
  • Development of effluent treatment technologies for leather tanning facilities
  • Production of Biogas from the water hyacinth plant
  • Development and Production of Lime Saturate for the liming method in Nzoia Sugar Company
  • Production of activated carbon from bagasse and water hyacinth plant
  • Utilization of activated carbon for waste water treatment.
  • Development of gas stove utilizing agricultural wastes
  • Development of improved stoves for clean development mechanism (CDM) projects
  • Evaluation and Development of Occupation Safety and Health systems in metal fabrication small and micro enterprises (SME’s)
  • Mapping out and calculating carbon footprints
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