Energy Division

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The energy division is charged with the responsibility of researching, designing and developing energy efficient technologies as well as championing the growth of bio-fuels and renewable energies as alternative sources of energy.

Current energy ongoing projects

  • Analysis of biogas feedstock and digestive characteristics (with NASKEO an Environment company from France)
  • Energy Auditing of walk-through category for KIRDI south C
  • Production process for fuel bioethanol from coffee pulp for cooking

Partnerships and MOU's of KIRDI with:

  • NASKEO Environment
  • Ministry of Environment and Forestry under Low Emission Climate Resilient Development (LECRD) programme of the USAID
  • Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves (GACC)
  • Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture (BIOMA) upcoming
  • UNIDO on the Information and Best Practice Platform (IBPP) upcoming

Consultancy training

  • Energy Auditing
  • Cook-stoves testing
  • Biogas plants installation, upcoming


    Description of the KIRDI INRA- LAB.


INRA, France demonstrating to Head of Energy Division the software for retrieving anaerobic digestion (AD) data from the glass reactor



Biogas experts from INRA France, with the KIRDI team of research scientists who participated in one week training seminar, which realized the establishment of the Biogas energy Laboratory at KIRDI Headquarters.

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