Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering Division

Chemical engineering division deals in the research and development of processes that convert raw materials into intermediate and finished products (value addition). Our mission is to develop processes for new/ improved value added products from local materials and transfer of developed technologies in commodity and specialty chemicals. Our vision is to be a centre of excellence for industrial research and development in chemical engineering and allied processes.

Capacity building programs

  • Extraction of essential oils, gum resin and oils from oil seeds.
  • Technology for the manufacture of soaps, detergents and other hygiene products.
  • Technology for the manufacture of cosmetic products including body creams, lotions & hair products.
  • Alcohol production technology.
  • Technology for the processing of wood and metal varnish.
  • Aloe gel extraction and juice.
  • Technology for formulation of animal feeds.

Services offered

  • Common manufacturing facilities.
  • Capacity building (trainings, workshops, student attachments and internships etc).
  • Business incubation (product development, improvement).
  • Consultancy services.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.
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