Building Materials

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Ceramics and Building materials division's vision is to become a centre of reference for industrial Research and Development in the Mineral Resources Sub-sector. The division's activities / functions include:

  • Product and Process Development
  • Carry out Research and Development of processes and products for the sub-sectors.
  • Technology transfer
  • Identify, adopt and diffuse technologies to the sub-sectors.

Training of the small and medium scale entrepreneurs in manufacturing process for Mineral resource and related industries is also offered. Through technology dissemination, we hold workshops and conferences for the sub-sectors.

Services and Consultancies

The division also carries out the following services and consultancies at very competitive, negotiable rates:

  • Technology Needs Assessment
  • Technology Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Impact assessments/audits
  • Environmental control
  • Energy audit
  • Process Safety and improvement
  • Kiln design, construction and commissioning
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