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Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) Department of KIRDI is in charge of undertaking multidisciplinary research and development in industrial and allied technologies.

Research forms the core business of the Institute and contributes significantly to development in all industrial and allied technologies through innovation, adoption, adaptation and transfer of technologies to support the industrial development process. The Institute's Research Scientists are the key players in research technology and innovation of industrial knowledge and technologies in areas such as: Engineering, Materials Science / Ceramics , Energy, Leather, Textile, Food Science & Technology, Microbiology, Information Science / Technology, Computer Engineering, Socio - Science / Economics and Environmental Sciences.

The Department is headed by a Deputy Director RTI with 10 divisions under it. The vision of the department is to be a center of excellence in applied research, technology and innovation. Our mission is to: apply science, technology and innovation that advance industrial research and development towards realization of vision 2030.


The RTI department  is involved in the following:

  • Technology development and reverse engineering
  • Process and product development for value addition
  • To generate information geared towards policy formulation
  • To collaborate with other research and relevant bodies both locally and internationally


The following divisions fall under RTI department :

  • Food Technology
  • Environment Management
  • Engineering
  • Leather and Textiles
  • Ceramics and Building Materials
  • ICT Research
  • Energy
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Project Studies
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