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Asareca Sorghum project


June 2009 to August 2011

About one third of the population in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda depend entirely on sorghum for their livelihoods, this is about 32 million people altogether. Annually, Kenya produces about 133 thousand tones of sorghum. Utilization of the crop in Kenya has remained concentrated in the semi-arid of rural areas and has mainly been used for porridges. Shortage of proper processing equipments has led to the tiresome work of food preparation and often times resulting into unpalatable food. Increasing utilization of sorghum and marketing through development of added-value sorghum food products will improve the livelihoods of the people growing sorghum in the semi-arid areas of East Africa and the whole area of ECA sub-region

Product diversification from value addition technologies promoted for increased utilization and marketing of sorghum in ECA is the objective of this project. This will be through enhanced value addition technologies and innovations for sustainable productivity, increased utilization and marketing of sorghum in ECA.

This project is going to investigate and identify suitable sorghum varieties for producing a wide variety of acceptable commercial and specific food products for end-uses, put the suitable identified sorghum varieties under regional adaptation trials for selecting the regional adapted varieties, investigate on appropriate methods for producing high quality sorghum grain for processing and try to identify the available conventional and emerging markets for added-value or diversified sorghum products in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

A complete report of the project is available here.


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