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The Training and Production Centre for the Shoe Industry (T.P.C.S.I.) was set up by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in collaboration with the Kenya Association of Manufactures (KAM), Kenya Tanners Association (KTA) and the Kenya Footwear Manufacturers Association (KFMA), in 1993. It is a government institution under the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development. However, the current daily management of activities is being overseen by Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI). The centre is located in Thika, one of the major industrial towns in Kenya, about 45 Km from Nairobi.

TPCSI acts as a specialized technology resource centre that caters for the needs of the footwear and leather products industries in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. As a tool for industrial development the centre aims at accelerating the development and upgrading of footwear and leather goods industry and enhancing their untapped potential for exports and domestic market. The centre has been assisting the formal and informal footwear and leather goods sector since its inception by way of providing training and production support services, i.e. common manufacturing facility. TPCSI’s strategy has been to add value to the micro and small-scale enterprises through market oriented training, which provide skills that enable them make or improve products which are unique, and of good quality. This is in recognition of the fact that with the right training and use of proper basic tools, the micro and small-scale enterprises can come up with products that can favourably compete both in the local and global markets.


The following are the various activities and services offered at TPCSI:

  • Provision of training and capacity building in footwear and leather goods in Kenya and Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Provision of common manufacturing and extension services, namely:

-       Product design and development

-       Pattern grading for footwear and leather goods

-       Dies making

-       Shoe upper cutting and making

-       Footwear and leather goods production

-       Lasting of footwear

-       Production of PVC and TPR soles

-       Quality control and testing

-       Branding

TPCSI has a wide range of machinery and equipment which are utilized for training and supporting the production needs of the micro and small-scale footwear and leather goods production in Kenya and neighbouring countries.

The centre also has well trained Instructors in the footwear and leather goods production who have considerable experience and expertise. The following are examples of machinery and equipment at the centre.

 1          2 


Figure 1: TPCSI Manufacturing and training hall                                                                                   Figure 2: Soles pressing machine


4               5


Figure 3: Leather/rubber abrasion test machine                                                                                       Figure 4: Instron for quality control and testing


6               7


Figure 5: Heel fatigue resistance tester                                                                                                   Figure 6: Soles flex machine



Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) is the National Industrial Research, Technology and Innovation Institution established in 1979 as a multidisciplinary Institution to conduct Research and Development in Industrial and Allied Technologies.

Vision: To be a Centre of Excellence in Industrial Research, Technology and Innovation
Mission: To undertake Industrial Research, Technology and Innovation and disseminate findings that will have positive impact on National Development

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