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Nyongara Biogas Plant

The Nyongara Slaughter House management in partnership with  UNIDOUNEP, Rottaler Model and KIRDI has started the Nyongara Biogas Project. This project has been implemented to demonstrate that the waste should not be a health hazard to the community but can be turned into an asset.

The Nyongara Slaughter House is located in Dagorretti on the outskirts of Nairobi. Dagorretti is an area famous with the presence of slaughter houses that supply meat to different regions in Nairobi and its environs. This region however faces environmental challenges in regard to waste management produced from the slaughter houses leading to some of the slaughterhouses being shut down. The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) has identified the Dagorretti slaughterhouses as some of the principal polluters of the Nairobi River.


Under the “Cleaning Up Nairobi River” project, UNEP requested UNIDO to develop a business model that slaughterhouses can use to manage their waste. UNIDO identified the High Performance Temperature Controlled (HPTC) biogas digester model marketed by Rottaler as most suitable based on the previous implementations at the Bungoma Municipal slaughterhouse and the Homa Bay Municipal Slaughterhouse, that have also been implemented by UNIDO, KIRDI and the Rottaler Model.

This is the third HPTC Biogas project UNIDO is completing in Kenya and with the support of Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Industrialization would like to implement this model of biogas digesters as a standard in all midsize abattoirs in Kenya. UNIDO will also look into establishing mini tanneries to process raw hides and skin to wet blue, which would further facilitate effective waste treatment as well as energy and employment generation in and around the slaughter houses.

This project  by UNIDO, UNEP, KIRDI under a Public Private Partnership with the Nyongra Slaughter House showcases not only what can be achieved by converting waste into an asset but also the achievements of creating synergies with the private sector, Government and NGOs in producing sustainable energy.


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